(一)、a multinational agent shall have the certificate of the sale of related products and local business license, and promised to comply with all the management system of the company's development of the multinational agents.  


(二)、transnational agents should has a certain degree of financial strength and good business reputation, first direct purchase is not lower than the rated quantity of purchase; and willing to work with the company long-term cooperation.   


(三)、multinational agents should have a good sales experience and marketing promotion, in the multinational region has a sound distribution channels and terminal sales network plan.  


(四)、the transnational agent shall not exceed the sales of the state and the state; and may not use any other pipeline directly or indirectly through the sale of the company's products.  


(五)、the transnational agent shall be equipped with professional marketing personnel and technical personnel, and do a good job of customer service and maintenance.



(六)、the general company will be the transnational agents in information, technology, promotion, product information and other aspects to give full support to the product promotion, content must be consistent with the general company.